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RUDER BERNA Taiwan Made Columbus Airplane Tube Fixed gear bike Frame

$ 480.00 USD

Columbsu airplane 

There is not too much paint on frame, matt color with classical appearance that could keep long time attractive for people.

We named it Puristico. We want to convey this sense for cycleing, RB is prestige level alloy frame of RUDER BERNA Ltd Co.The tube express from Italy columbs airplane which is the highest level for alloy tubes.

  • columbus sticker
  • unique bottome bracket of oak barrels shape
  • stereoscopic logo design

 Product Description  


耳機1 1/8“或1”全合金CNC / OEM
車把合金6061 輪緣合金雙層牆/ OEM
座位貼合金6061,25.4 x 300mm(可定制尺寸)肯達/杜羅/伊諾/ OEM
Velo / OEM備註OEM / ODM可用
曲柄全合金CNC 44T / OEM台灣製造與Certificate的原產地


Q: Could we get a sample before a formal order?

A: Yes, checking a sample is the best way to understand the detail quality, please contact us to discuss your sample detail.

Q: Could we put our own logo on the bike (OEM/ODM)?

A: Sure, we could provide you to do your brand with only 50 sets MOQ, Please contact us to discuss this wonderful offer!

Q: what is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)

A: There are 2 situations for the MOQ as following

     1. Do your own brand: it is only 50 sets to create your brand bike, each color is only 15 sets for the frame set.

     2. Selling our brand: there is no MOQ, you could choose all of the components from our safety stock.

To understand more the most Flexible MOQ policy through the world, please contact us.

Q: what is the deliver day

A: normally it is about 45~65 days after deposit, if you need check the shipping fee please contact us.

Q: what is the payment term?

A: 35% deposit, 65% before shipping by T/T, we will take pictures for the producing process, put your stuff in the container to make sure your goods are finished smoothly.

for other questions please contact us.

About The Quality

Welding: if we call a frame as Soul of a bike, this then the welding would be Soul of the frame. Welding is a main factor to decide the quality of the bikes, not just for good looking, it is also related to the Strength of the frame. By the way, we only use high quality material which is made in Taiwan, some frame on the market is made by recycle steel.

Detail parts of the frame: if you see the detail closer you could found our head tube, drop out, top bridge (brake), bottom bridge(stronger, logo) are used designing quality material.