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RUDER BERNA Taiwan Made Bike Crank CR335

$ 16.30 USD





跟踪曲柄14T / OEM
鏈輪和曲柄材料鍛造6061合金白色CNC / OEM
鏈環兼容性 1/2 x 1/8“英寸鏈條/ OEM
BCD130mm BCD / OEM
BB接口類型JIS Square Taper


耳機1 1/8“或1”全合金CNC / OEM
車把合金6061 輪緣合金雙層牆/ OEM
座位貼合金6061,25.4 x 300mm(可定制尺寸)肯達/杜羅/伊諾/ OEM
Velo / OEM備註OEM / ODM可用
曲柄全合金CNC 44T / OEM台灣製造與證書的原產地


Q: Could we get a sample before a formal order?

A: Yes, checking a sample is the best way to understand the detail quality, please contact us to discuss your sample detail.

Q: Could we put our own logo on the bike (OEM/ODM)?

A: Sure, we could provide you to do your brand with only 50 sets MOQ, Please contact us to discuss this wonderful offer!

Q: what is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)

A: There are 2 situations for the MOQ as following

     1. Do your own brand: it is only 50 sets to create your brand bike, each color is only 15 sets for the frame set.

     2. Selling our brand: there is no MOQ, you could choose all of the components from our safety stock.

To understand more the most Flexible MOQ policy through the world, please contact us.

Q: what is the deliver day

A: normally it is about 45~65 days after deposit, if you need check the shipping fee please contact us.

Q: what is the payment term?

A: 35% deposit, 65% before shipping by T/T, we will take pictures for the producing process, put your stuff in the container to make sure your goods are finished smoothly.

for other questions please contact us.

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