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Funla One Inch Classic Fixed Gear Bike

$ 280.00 USD

Specific of the Funla Bike

Remark: all of the specific could be changed to reach to demand and target price for OEM order.

框架集自定義尺寸和材質制動桿Full Alloy CNC
耳機1 1/8“或1”Full Alloy CNC / OEM
車把合金6061 輪緣Alloy Double wall / OEM
座位貼合金6061,25.4 x 300mm(可定制尺寸)Kenda/Duro/Innova/OEM
Velo / OEM備註OEM / ODM Availiable
曲柄全合金CNC 44T / OEM台灣製造with Certificate of origin